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Premier Intellectual Property Agency in China

Trademark Prosecution

Protect your brand with our timely and comprehensive trademark filing and defense services.

Copyright Registration

Secure your creative works with our efficient and thorough copyright registration service.

IP Audit & Due Diligence

Analyze your IP portfolio and help you protect your intellectual property assets strategically.

IP rights transaction

Facilitate smooth and effective transactions of your intellectual property rights and domain names.

About Our Company

At Ziliak IP, we are dedicated to safeguarding your innovations and creative works through expert intellectual property services. With a strong presence in China, our comprehensive approach ensures that your valuable assets are protected and leveraged effectively, offering tailored solutions and reliable protection. Trust Ziliak IP to navigate the complexities of intellectual property, securing your competitive edge in the global market.

Client Testimonials

“Ziliak IP's expertise in navigating China's IP laws has been invaluable. Their thorough trademark prosecution and diligent support have ensured our brand's protection and growth in this competitive market.”

Anonymous Client
“The team at Ziliak IP made our copyright registration process seamless and stress-free. Their attention to detail and commitment to our creative works gave us the peace of mind we needed to focus on our business.”
Anonymous Client
“Working with Ziliak IP for our IP audit and due diligence was a game-changer. They provided detailed insights and tailored strategies that helped us identify and maximize the value of our intellectual property assets.”

Anonymous Client

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